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Visit our site: today to learn how Health Touch Chiropractic located in wonderful Tigard, OR has combined Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Nutritional Counseling, and Functional Medicine to create the perfect combination for total healthcare.

Health conditions and their symptoms manifest for many reasons. At Health Touch Chiropractic, we do things a little different. We treat your body as a whole system rather than the sum of the parts. When disfunction occurs, we look and treat the cause while working on core lifestyle components such as nutrition, exercise, and other ways to boost your energy to allow your body to heal faster and revitalize your health.

Meet Joe who is overcoming serious health challenges, including depression, short term memory losses, cloudy thinking, and various digestive issues. At the time that the symptoms were most severe he could not even get out of bed and and had to wait for the symptoms to pass.

Following our treatment recommendations he is more active and
enjoys the climbing gym and yoga 3x a week to tone, and increase his flexibility and strength. He is feeling so good, he is “entertaining ideas of going over waterfalls in my white water kayak.”

Call Today and Let Us Help You Get Back to the Life You Enjoy Through Better Health!

Health Touch Chiropractic
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