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This amazing patient is experiencing tremendous pain relief. She first arrived at Health Touch Chiropractic with Neck and Back Pain and Horrible Headaches. Stress, Anxiety, and other factors inclusive of many hospital appointments and examinations left her in more pain due to the lack of finding the cause. Dr. Larry Lubcke was amazing and able to explain to her the root cause of her pain and designed a fabulous program to have her begin to not only achieve pain relief but on a path to better health.

Come and Experience the Difference in Healthcare. Our Excellent Team at Health Touch Chiropractic located in Tigard, OR welcomes you to come and enjoy learning how to not only restore your health but to build it stronger and better for years to come.

Health Touch Chiropractic
11481 Southwest Hall Boulevard #101
Tigard, OR 97223
(503) 941-9912

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For Your Health,

Dr. Larry Lubcke

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