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Visit our site: http://healthtouchchiro.mychiroblog.com today to learn how Health Touch Chiropractic located in wonderful Tigard, OR has combined Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Nutritional Counseling and Functional Medicine to create the winning edge of 21st century healthcare. Join our elite team who achieve top marks by understanding that an optimal spine = optimal health!

“I am extremely impressed!”

Meet this wonderful patient, Chris, who was suffering with excruciating low back pain. As she has worked in healthcare for forty years, she absolutely commends Dr. Lubcke and the entire Health Touch Chiropractic Team for the time, thoroughness and professionalism in not only the treatments but the explanation of the how and the why. “I would highly recommend this clinic and the professionals that are in it to anyone!”

If you are looking for healthcare with a difference, call us today!

We are ready to help!

Health Touch Chiropractic
11481 Southwest Hall Boulevard #101
Tigard, OR 97223
(503) 941-9912

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For Your Health,

Dr. Larry Lubcke

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