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Visit our site: http://healthtouchchiro.mychiroblog.com to learn more on how the Amazing Health Touch Chiropractic Team puts the Well in Wellness in Tigard, OR.

Incredible Wellness and Health can be found here!

We are touched to share Andrea’s wonderful testimony of the healing she is experiencing. With the pain diminishing and resolving in her low back, leg, and neck her life is truly changing. Please listen if you are suffering with pain for a we would love to help.

We are proud to help transform the health of hundreds of families in Tigard and the surrounding communities of Metzger, Durham, King City, and Tualatin by teaching them how to achieve true health and healing through maintaining a healthy nervous system and living a healthy lifestyle. I, Dr. Larry Lubcke, am passionate about empowering patients with the knowledge that healing comes from within. Through this principle, Health Touch Chiropractic is helping change the way health care is viewed and applied in America. We see amazing results with our patients because we make it our top priority to give patients the most effective chiropractic corrective care and the most cutting edge information on health and wellness.

Our vision is to see a world where people and families are achieving abundant health and living up to their full given potential.

Health Touch Chiropractic
11481 Southwest Hall Boulevard #101
Tigard, OR 97223
(503) 941-9912

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For Your Health,

Dr. Larry Lubcke

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