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Injuries to your spinal discs can have a tremendous impact on your health and well-being. The diagnosis is serious but not always a sentence to spinal surgery which should always be the last option.

This amazing patient came to Health Touch Chiropractic for a second opinion and has been thrilled that she did. In four short weeks she is able to play with her granddaughter again! Great healing beginning from day one with no surgical intervention.

When faced with herniated or injured discs make sure call and schedule a consultation with us. We, as specialists of the spine, understand the excruciating pain that is associated with the injury and want to ensure that your body is able to make the safest, least invasive, long term drug free recovery. Best of all correct any possible underlying causes that created the injury to the disc(s) to avoid recurrences.

We are ready to help you recapture the quality of life you desire. Please call today and feel free to bring a friend or family member to help you better understand the information at this very important appointment.

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