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Visit our site: http://healthtouchchiro.mychiroblog.com today to learn how Health Touch Chiropractic located in wonderful Tigard, OR has combined Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Nutritional Counseling, and Functional Medicine to create the perfect combination for total healthcare.

In today’s society, our traditional medical care has become solely focused on sickness care. If we spent our energy and money on wellness care rather than illness our lives and world would improve dramatically.

Here at Health Touch Chiropractic we hold the key to the first three solutions to your Health and Wellness Care.

1. Natural Health That comes from Within.
2. No Drugs to Restore and Maintain Your Health.
3. Best of All a Wellness Partnership

So if you would like to start working on the solution to your healthcare challenges, let us help you start by working on the lifetime health solution. We will help you focus and learn how to not only restore but revitalize your health naturally, safely, and effectively.

You just might find the freedom of health exhilarating! Just listen to this wonderful patient who suffered with GI and Digestive Disorders along with Neck and Back Pain.

Call Today and Let’s Create 2017 as Your Healthiest Yet!!

Health Touch Chiropractic
11481 Southwest Hall Boulevard #101
Tigard, OR 97223
(503) 941-9912

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For Your Health,

Dr. Larry Lubcke

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