Chronic Digestive Problems Tigard OR Chiropractor

Visit our site: today to learn how Health Touch Chiropractic located in wonderful Tigard, OR has combined Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Nutritional Counseling, and Functional Medicine to create the perfect combination for total healthcare.

This amazing patient suffered chronic digestive problems for over two decades. Now, she is absolutely thrilled that she found Health Touch Chiropractic who offered her new and different testing to help her understand her food sensitivities and learned about the imbalance with yeast and how it was effecting her every time she ate.

Listen as she shares with you and Dr. Pleau her¬†fantastic health transformation. ¬†She shares how she “broke” the recommendation just one time and how her body let her know she was on the right path before to optimal health and quickly reminded her to get back quickly onto the path.

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