Auto Accident Injury Chiropractor Neck Pain Tigard OR Low Back Pain

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“They were able to put me back to a state of being I didn’t think was possible”

After suffering injuries which included tremendous neck and low back pain in an auto accident, this wonderful patient is very grateful to Dr. Pleau and fully recommends this superb team.

How many of you have been in an auto accident? You like many others only associate auto accidents with incidents that the insurance companies assess as “your car as a write off”. Unfortunately, injuries from accidents do not always manifest immediately and may take years to truly see the extent of your injuries. So do not write your health off years after the accident, come and get a spinal check-up today and see if that sharp stop may be causing underlying health challenges.

If you have recently suffered in an accident do not delay and come get back into the driver’s seat with a pain-free integrated navigational system programmed for Optimal Health!

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